Vgor Hrx

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Vgor Hrx

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Helps increase sexual desire and performance.*
Herbal formulation for aphrodisiac action.*

Product Description

This is an authentic herbal formula that helps with male sexuality, increased stamina and offers aphrodisiac action (goes back to  400+ years). Read more.*


  • Helps increase sexual desire and performance.*
  • Herbal formulation for aphrodisiac action.*

Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian and made without artificial flavors or Sweeteners, Starch, Milk, Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Fish. FTIR analyzed for consistency, purity & strength.


The bio-availability of this product requires, taking it with milk or any other dairy products, 30 minutes before bed time. Give up to 10+ days to see complete benefits.

Our BAP 117 Vigor Complex has 1210 mg
Aqueous extract of

  • Ashwagandha (Root) (Withanolides 1.5 %) HD-WSR115™
  • Indian kudzu (Tuber Root) (Flavones 6 %) HD-PTR160™
  • Tribulus (Fruit) (Saponins 20 %) HD-TTF120™
  • Amla (Fruit) (Tannins 25 %) HD-EOF125™
  • Shatavari (Root) (Saponins 20 %) HD-ASR120™
  • Bombax (Root) (Tannins 5 %) HD-BMR150™
  • Velvet Bean (Seed) (Fixed oil 3 %) HD-MPS130™
  • Long Pepper (Fruit) (Piperine 0.35%) HD-PLR035™
  • Nutmeg (Seed) (Volatile oil 5 %) HD-MFS150™
  • Shilajit (Veg material) (Fulvic acid 2 %) Asphaltum


Bombax possesses strong anti-oxidant and immune support is known for its aphrodisiac potential and it enhances sexual health and stamina.*


Ashwagandha helps with Stamina and Vigor and makes it a very good aphrodisiac herb.*

Elephant Vine

Elephant Vine is best known for imparting sexual stamina, sexual desire, libido, and is a natural aphrodisiac.*


Tribulus is known to boost sex drive and helps with stamina in men.*

Velvet Bean

Velvet Bean extract contains L-Dopa which stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain, which is needed for biosynthesis of epinephrine. The extract is useful for both men and women to increase libido.*


Nutmeg helps with healthy sex and libido in human beings. This is supposed to have the property to hold back and prolong the point of climax.*

Long pepper

Long pepper Contains piperine which helps to excite and sensitize the seminal vesicles.*


Asphaltum is rich in natural organic acids, amino acids, vital minerals and it  helps to improve male stamina.*


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Please read usage instructions in the ingredients section.

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